I am a neuropsychologist based in the Experimental Psychology Department, Utrecht University. I am currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher, at the Dijkerman lab (PI: prof. Chris Dijkerman).

I research body image disturbances and their underlying mechanisms. I do this from a cognitive neuroscientific perspective, combining a variety of experimental techniques. My studies are, first and foremost, patient-oriented: I combine the information that patients give me – from personal conversations to the outcomes of panels– with clinical observations and the scientific literature. I then use this information to formulate research questions and design studies.

My research predominately features female adult participants who suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and other specified feeding and eating disorders. I also include participants who have recovered from an eating disorder, to investigate symptoms that persist after recovery. I mainly conduct my research at the Leontienhuis. I also work together with other institutions/organisations such as Rivierduinen eetstoornissen UrsulaStichting-JijProud2bme.nl and Human Concern.

The goal of my research is not only to understand eating disorders but to treat them. To that end, I am involved in developing a novel, action-based treatment method for body image disturbance in anorexia nervosa. Anouk Keizer, Jose Bonekamp, and I train therapists in this technique. For more information, see hoop training.